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Sue Marshall - YRT

Sue stretchingI have been interested in and fascinated with yoga for as long as I can remember - trying to follow books when I was a child, then going to classes in various styles. The turning point was when I went to Yoga Plus (then 'The Practice Place') in Crete in 1997 to sample the gems of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with Derek and Radha. It was love at first sight, having the privilege of watching them do a demonstration. This feeling was strengthened when I started to practice and I returned there to train with Radha in 2000. I also attended David Swenson's teacher-training and workshops.

I also did a 'vini yoga' based training and have attended various workshops in the UK and abroad with David Williams, Liz Lark, John Scott, Kristina Karitinos-Ireland amongst others.

I have a dance background and trained at the Laban Art of Movement Centre and The Dance Centre in London. I have a Diploma in Sports Therapy and Fitness Training, Fitness Ballet certificate and Yogabugs certificate, which have all enhanced my teaching.

I firmly believe that the practice of yoga should be enjoyable and have a lightness to it, and try to bring these qualities to my classes.